That's more or less how I'm feeling right now. Day in review

8am - get up
8:10-8:20 - yell at Bell. Get told it's out of their hands in the repair department. It's up to the manager of the guy who was here yesterday. They will not give me a contact number for him or transfer me to his department. Eventually get told that he will call me today.
8:20-8:35 - On phone with my supervisor beating our brains trying to find a solution.
8:40-9:00 - On phone with another TO based employee attempting to work out a local solution.
9:00-9:10 - On phone with supervisor trying to figure out solution.
9:10 - 9:15 - On phone with Dad begging for money because I'm broke and it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time on subway and in coffee shops over the next few days.
10:00 - Receive amazing offer via internet from Lav telling me I can go to her place for the next few days and use their home line and internet from Thurs-Tues. Lav is currently out of the country. Lav is a goddess.
10:20 - Call Lav and proceed to have complete and total breakdown at this point because don't know how to handle people being nice to me right now.
11:00 - Leave home to head out to Future Shop and Starbucks for the day.
11:00-11:10 - On phone with Jerry asking if he and his girlfriend want to go to Hot and Spicy festival this weekend. They are going out of town but I may be able to work from their place on Wednesday if I have no other options. Difficult cause they only have one line and they are both job hunting and need a phone line.
11:10-11:30 - On subway
11:30-11:45 - Go to bank and essentially empty my bank accounts. Buy hot dog from street vendor (so far only food I've had today...but I DID eat Denise...).
11:45-11:55 - On phone with Lav's mom working out arrangements for the next few days and thanking her for being my new goddess.
12:00-12:45 - On payphone for team meeting in shopping mall. Only way I could make it (cell phone rather dead by this point). My team was vaguely amused by this.
12:45-1:00 - At Future Shop buying headset for computer.
1:00-1:10 - At Starbucks. Find out they actually do not have wireless there yet. Am unable to articulate how awful that is for me at that exact point in time but apparently it showed because the barristas gave me my coffee on the house. Starbucks barristas are added to my goddess list.
1:10-1:50 - On subway and bus frantically attempting to get home and simultaneously praying that I will be able to pick up a wireless connection.
1:50-2:00 - Frantically get set up on bed and am in fact able to get a wireless connection.
2:00-3:45 - Make it into training. But have no audio. So I can see what's going on but none of it really makes sense due to fact that I have no audio. Lose connectivity only once.
3:35-4:00 - Send out lots of emails concerning work stuff - mostly involving training.
4:00-5:00 - Numb. Lament the fact that I have no wine and can't afford it because I could really use bubble bath and glass of wine therapy today.
5:00 - Receive email from work team tech god saying that they don't have any more training scheduled for what we did today in the near future but understands my predicament and will give me oodles of help when I need to do my first CR. He gets added to god list.

Plan for rest of night - go to store and buy lunch-type items for my campout at Lav's place for the next few days. Find someway to relax. Check icetrays to see if we have ice so I can have some Crown on ice (I'm out of vodka so no bloody ceasar even though I do have clamato). Try to get to bed early because I have to get up at like 6am tomorrow morning.

And if anyone is paying attention you will see that Bell did not in fact call me today. Bastards!