Bell is supposed to be here "sometime" between 8-5 today. I just *love* how they narrow down the time like that for you. I'm really hoping that they get here in the morning or early afternoon because I actually have work stuff to do when I can go onto the server. Among the many things I have to do I have to choose my benefits package! woohoo! I haven't had medical insurance since I was a student. Which means if I have to go on antibotics I can afford it because it won't cost me the $90 for 10 pills that it usually does. I haven't needed antibotics in a long time - I wonder if my body was aware that I couldn't afford to fix it if it broke so it decided to stay fixed??? (Ummm waxing reactions aside.)

Piper will be very happy when the phone is fixed and I go back to using my computer at the desk instead of in bed (I can't pick up any wireless signals from the desk). She's very jealous of this black thing that is in my lap.