I'm fucked!

So Bell came to fix my phone line. The guy was very nice. Unfortunately he can't fix my phone line. Apparently not only is the wiring very old - one of the wires is completely dead. He can not fix this. Apparently there is a special team of people who do this.

This team is the people who are on strike. Or maybe they aren't really anymore. He did mention they were starting to come back now. So maybe the strike is over.

He has no idea how long until it can be fixed.

I tried to call Bell to complain - again - and find out when it can be fixed. Bell's system was down. They were taking NOTES with PEN and PAPER and going to record everything later. Yeah right - like I had the fucking patience to deal with that. I'll call back later. I'll keep calling back until I can actually speak to someone. Sigh.

Now who remembers my oh-so-wonderful news a couple of weeks ago that I got a job? Who remembers that I'm supposed to be working from phone. Dead phone line, no internet...makes it pretty fucking hard to do that.

At this rate my phone will get fixed a week after I've been let go.


(And we won't even talk about how insane my cell phone bill will be...)