Introducing Piper

I know that some of you have met her IRL. Others have heard a lot about my pain-in-the-ass cat. She really is a pain-in-the-ass. Actually - she's a bitch. But as much as there are days where I'd love nothing better than to push her off onto some unsuspecting fool, I could never do it. Piper is a bitch, and she's often a bitch to me (too often, it's something I hope will die down when she's not surrounded by 3 demon cats) but I also know that I'm the only human that she totally trusts.

Once upon a time my cat didn't used to be a bitch. She actually used to like people. She would run to the door to greet them when they came in. She would run around and demand their attention. When she was an itty bitty kitten she once fell asleep on my friend Leona's shoulder (she loved Leona). When she was really little she used to nap in shoes.

But then I introduced her to my evil ex. She never liked him. The first time he ever stuck his head into my apartment she hissed at him (highly unusual Piper behaviour at that time!). I did not listen to her first impression of him and kept seeing the asshole. Flash forward about 6 months. I was working in the archaeology lab and who shows up but Mr. Asshole and my cat. While I was at work he threw her into a wall (of course not the story that he told me...but esscentially that's what happened) and dislocated her hip. We found a vet that wasn't obscenely expensive. Piper was then hospitalized for a week while they cut off the head of her femur and replaced it so that it would not continue to dislocate. Afterwards she was on pain meds for a week. It was a slow healing process. Sometimes she still limps. I hate it when that happens. I feel extremely guilty. I knew that he didn't like my cat and wasn't exactly nice to her but I never in a million years thought that he would hurt her.

So ever since that - my cat has become a bitch and who can really blame her? But I love her anyway because I know exactly how breakable she is. And she's pretty damn cute too. lol