I hate Bell!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bell's technicians are on strike. I know this because I've been trying to get my own phone line hooked up here. I've been patient and understanding about that. But now the apartment phoneline is fucked up. It went dead yesterday and came back full of static. So much static that we can't call out on it or get on the internet (I'm stealing someone's wireless right now). So I call them and they are not sending out someone to fix it until Tuesday, July 26th. Now for those of you who have been paying attention - I work from home. I telecommute. I can't do that right now. I can't sign into the work server on an unsecure wireless connection. I argued with them, I pleaded, I got pissed, I threatened contact from my lawyer (which I don't technically have but I know enough boys in law school to find one). That got me bumped up to a priority. Yeah, that's so comforting. My separate phone line has been a priority for the last two weeks.

So as far as I'm concerned, the Bell and their striking technicians can (in the words of my friend Vic) suck my left nut.

(My supervisor at work has been very understanding - she said it's obviosut hat I've been doing what I can to remedy the situation and I can't do training until the end of next week anyway - but this is a truly horrible way to spend your second week of work - sigh).

I've been looking into things and Rogers now does landlines as well. Decent packages, good long distance plan. I can bundle phone and internet (and cable if I decide to get it) and save money that way as well. I know that Rogers can be just as bastardy as Bell but seeing as Bell's service is NIL at the moment I'll take my changes with Rogers. I've called Bell and cancelled my request for the second phone line to be put in here and told them their service was dismal and I never want to have to deal with them. I wasn't mean, or bitchy to the customer service guy - just blunt.