My roomies and I will be showing off tomorrow. Someone is coming to look at our apartment. If they like it and want it right away we'll be able to move out for Sept. 1 - if not our lease continues until the end of September. It's annoying because we wanted to move out Sept. 1 originally but the building's management company wouldn't let us because there is (technically) a 60 days notice thingy according to rental law and they weren't willing to yield on that. Yet because they find themselves in a position where it's good for them if we leave early they are all for it. Bastards! lol

So the lesbian roomies finally cleaned the living room. Apparently they let it get as disgusting as it was because they were hoping that pothead roomie would clean it. Pothead roomie often likes to bitch about how dirty or disgusting things are but will never get off her fat ass (and yes, it is fat, trust me - I see her wandering around in various stages of nakedness on a daily basis - something I will NOT miss) to clean it. I've cleaned most of the kitchen but I still need to do the floor. My room is pretty clean as well (I need to get rid of a lot of shit before I move though...). I need to clean the bathroom as well. The plan is to try to get pothead roomie to clean the balcony. It's all her crap out there anyway. I'm not going to hold my breath though. I'm willing to bet that she won't be home until after dar and then will go straight to bed so that she doesn't have to do anything. She's like that.

Oh, and as I was cleaning the kitchen I suddenly realized that I don't own a toaster...I'll have to add that onto my wishlist of things for the new place. The list is long and a lot of it I will likely never get but I can dream!