Things I'm looking forward to when I move out

In no real order...

-Not have a litter box in my bedroom
-Not having Piper's food dishes in my bedroom
-Having more than three tiny shelves in the cupboard for my groceries
-Having my own fridge all to my self instead of one shelf and no door space
-Using my own dishes
-Baking bread, heck baking anything (although even though I enjoy baking sweets I don't often want to eat them due to the fact I don't have a well developed sweet tooth - I may be looking for volunteers here - I think that Mikey and Jon may benefit the most from this)
-Cooking in a clean kitchen that I know will stay clean cause I'm the only one there to mess it up
-Cooking real food (difficult to do here)
-Not having to have 95% of my possessions in a single room
-Not having my computer in my room
-Having my own bathroom
-Having a bathroom that doesn't reek of unscooped kitty litter
-Not having three extra untrained cats running around (they let their cats sleep on the kitchen table!!!!!!!!! My mother would have a heart attack)
-Not living with someone who has obvious anger issues and has temper tantrums that rival those of a spoiled toddler
-Not living with someone who smokes cigarettes
-Not living with someone who smokes pot
-Not living with a couple
-Refurnishing - I left most of my stuff behind in Montreal ( I don't own a couch or kitchen table, I also need new bookcases)
Being able to have friends come visit me (and I'll be able to cook for them! And bake!)
-Being able to have a bubble bath without having to scrub the tub with Comet first

I'm sure I'll think of more as I get closer to the move date.