This trip goes on and on my friends...

Montreal Day 6 - Part 2 - The journey home

Original schedule.

Depart Montreal approx. 3:40pm
Arrive Toronto approx 8:15 pm
Did that happen??? HA!!!!

3:30 - Board train
Get to seat and just get comfortable when someone asks me to switch seats with them because they were traveling with my seatmate. I was unimpressed because she didn't seem very nice and I had just gotten comfy but I did it anyway. Why? Because I'm nice. I later wish I had been a bitch to her.

3:40 - Train leaves station.
Everything find until...

4:50 - Arrive in Corwall, Ontario. Get informed there is a derailment and we are staying put for the time being.

5:15 - Still stuck there.

5:45 - Find out that we are going to be stuck there for 2-2.5 hours because the derailment was major - about 40 cars. Luckily it was a freight train so no one was injured. Buses will be coming to take us the rest of the journey. Wonderful.

6:00 - Disembark train to enter station and use payphone because worried about how many of my limited day minutes I had already used. Make one phone call before being ordered back onto the train. Instructed to remain in train until announcement is made telling us otherwise. Call Jon from cell so he can tell me about late bus routes just in case I get into Toronto after the subway has stopped for the night. Long distance phone cards rock.

6:30 - Begin to hear rumors that buses are in fact school buses.

7:00 - School bus rumor confirmed by presence of 5 big yellow school buses in parking lot. Have made friends with woman in seat across the aisle. Realize that our car is the only one still on train because no one has told us to leave.

7:15 - Finally get seat on very last school bus. On way to school bus see lady that I gave my seat telling off the train staff manager. Also on way to school bus find out that we only have to take train to Belleville where a train that was rerouted (it was the 4:30 or 5:0 train out of Montreal - was routed around Ottawa) is coming our way with another train connected to it just for us.

7:30 - Finally on the way to Belleville. The lady that I made friends with is now my seatmate. She finds out that I am worried about the possibility of having to take the night bus home since we may get into Toronto after the subway has stopped for the night. Kindly offers me a drive home with her and her husband as my apartment building is more or less on their way home. Train staff managed is sitting across the aisle from us. Find out that only three people asked if anyone was injured in the derailment. Everyone else was too busy yelling at him because they were going to be late arriving in Toronto. He clearly implies that the lady I gave my seat to was not one of those people who asked. Which is why I wish I had been a bitch to her.

8:30 - Arrive in Belleville. Supposed to stay on buses but no one does as it is very humid.

9:00 - Still waiting in Belleville. Phone Cat because I am bored. Long distance phone cards are still rocking my world. Cat and I have nice chat. She asks when I was supposed to arrive in Toronto. I tell her 8:15. She starts laughing.

9:15 - Begin to be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Still waiting for train.

9:30 - Train finally arrives.

9:35 - Everyone has boarded and train is leaving. It is done quickly because train is so long it completely blocks the main street and therefore traffic. Also everyone is tired and just wants to get to Toronto already. Bitchy lady is sitting across the aisle from me but luckily it too tired out from all her yelling and bitchiness to be annoying.

10 - Arrive somewhere. I can't remember where. I think it's some place that starts with B and ends in ville. Brockville maybe???

10:10 - Given gross, disgusting, but free, ham and cheese sandwich and a bottle of pop.

10:15-midnight - Attempt to read and nap but efforts general hampered due to fact that I am still sick and the recycled air makes me cough - a lot. I feel bad for my nice seatmate (who by the way has to get up at 5:30am to go to work the next day)

Midnight - Start wondering if we will ever get home.

12:45am - Finally arrive in Toronto, 4.5 hours late. We are informed that we will receive a 100% credit on our next train purchase for this portion of the trip. Am unsure if this means the whole trip from Montreal - Toronto or just Cornwall-Toronto. Too tired to care. It must be used within 6 months. That much I remember.

1am - Am in car with seatmate and her husband. Her husband reminds me of my ex's friend in Montreal. As seatmate and hubby are originally from Montreal it's possible they are related. Too tired to ask.

1:30am - Finally home. Piper very happy to see me but demanding food as usual.

2:00am - Crash in bed after paying some minimal attention to Piper and finding things in my bags that I needed in order to get ready for bed - like glasses and toothbrush.

Journey finally over.