Montreal Day 5

I'm tired and I want to go to bed but I just painted my toenails and I'm waiting for them to dry. I had to do it - they were orange and clashed horribly with the pink shoes I'm wearing to the wedding - they are now pink. And before you ask - no, I couldn't have left them naked. I can't abide by naked toes in the summer time.

So here it is - Montreal Day 5

I woke up feeling crappy despite the fact that I had slept fairly well the night before. I slept on the couch propped up by pillows. I wanted to sleep with the balcony door open so I could circulate the air but after the experiences of Chelsea and her friends the day before I decided it was too risky.

So I got up fairly early and walked to Jean Coutu to buy Advil Cold and Sinus. Then I walked back over to Stanley with the intention of going to Chez Cora and eating a big strawberry and custard filled crepe. Yum. But alas, there was a bloody long line up and I wasn't feeling well enough to stand around in it. And it looked like it was rather smoky inside. So I wandered back to McGill College and went to Boccacino's. I had no trouble getting a table away from the smokers (I'm really sensitive to smoke when I'm sick - used to drive my mom crazy when she was a smoker). All the smokers were sitting outside on the terrace. My service was crap. They forgot to deliver my toast until I was pretty much done of my breakfast. The hashbrowns were yummy though.

After eating I checked out some of the sketches on the corner of McGill College and St-Catherine and found two that I liked. One was of McGill's lower campus with the Arts Building on it (although not quite correct - the gates are a bit off as is one of the buildings) and as well I got a nice sketch of the townhouses in Carre St-Louis. Very typically Montreal. Got them both in 5x7's for $20 (or was it $40??? I can't remember - I think it was $20).

Then I realized I had forgotten my bank card in the purse I had used at the wedding so I walked back to Mike and Flash's apartment and hung out there until it was time to meet Zoe. Since I was there a bit early I phoned her and told her I'd be at Booster Juice so we met there. Booster Juice is yummy.

Then it was time to hit Simon's. I love Simon's. I love Simon's. Hmm or is it Simons??? I'll check - it' Simons. It was time to hit Simons. I love Simons. After walking around most of the lower floor I had picked up enough stuff to try on. I ended up leaving with 2 dresses (one for Mikey's wedding, one just a summer dress), a pair of jeans, and a really comfy black tank top for $100. J I tried on another top that I really liked and ended up coming back later that day to buy it.

After that Zoe and I wandered around and we both bought stuff at Jacob and she tried things on at a couple of other places. Oddly enough, considering this is Zoe and I we're talking about, we went into a lingerie store and didn't buy anything.

After a final trip to Simons to buy the above mentioned shirt, we bought some food. Then we sat in the park (umm the one on Peel - I can't remember what it's called - the one right by the Sunlife building). Some guys walked up to us and interrupted our conversation trying to bum a light. When I told them that we didn't smoke and went back to our conversation I was told that I was rude. Bite me Mr. Interrupter Guy. You were so obviously high as a kite.

Zoe and I went back to Mike and Flash's apartment and she hung out with me until they got back. We talked about boring stuff like student loans and finances. We are so getting old. Zoe could not be convinced to stay for dinner. She turned down Flash's cooking in exchange for doing laundry. She clearly needs her head examined.

Mike, Flash and I ate dinner and then chilled in front of the TV for awhile. Mike went into the office (it's about 5 minutes away ) and I went to bed early. Like 9:30 early. I was exhausted. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep but I did. I woke up a couple of times when I knocked my pillow on the floor.