Day 4 - The wedding

I woke up at 5am sick. I got progressively sick as the day went on. Boo.

I did manage to fall back asleep after the 5am wake up. I got up at about 8am. Showered. Did my hair for the wedding (french twist - lots of bobby pins and although I don't normally use hairspray I did that day). Got dressed. Called Kit-Cat to see if there was anything she needed from the pharmacy. Walked to the pharmacy to get allergy meds (at this point I thought my sickness was just due to allergies...). Went to the bagel place in the Faubourg to get yummy fresh bagels and cream cheese. Went to the bakery to buy Cat some bread because her tummy wasn't happy. Hit Starbucks for me and Cindy, hit Second Cup for Cat and Chelsea.

I got to the hotel early so I sat in the lobby and ate a bagel. lol Eventually everyone else showed up. No one ate bagels. Oh well - mine was yummy. They didn't know what they were missing. We all set up the reception area and then went to Kit-Cat's place. Shawn vacated the premises fairly quickly and Chelsea started on Cat's hair while I wound ribbon around the yucky green stuff on Cat's headpiece. Sandra arrived. Linda arrived. Jill arrived. I ate some more of the yummy potato salad. Did the whole make up thing. Helped Cat get dressed. I got dressed. Cat's daddy showed up and then it was time to leave.

Sandra and I got to Thompson House first. The next 40 minutes consisted of waiting. And waiting. Hanging out the window to see what was happening outside. More waiting.

And then it was time. Woohoo! The ceremony was quick but sweet. Marcel is a great officiant. All you people out there in Calgary should have him marry you.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.

Drove to the hotel with Linda. Managed to get parking. Woohoo!

There were munchies around. And rum punch. Then it was time for dinner. mmmmmmm food. I was quite hungry at this point and was a hell of a happy girl when they brought around the bread baskets. Mmmmm bread. The dinner overall was ok. I didn't like the salad a lot but it had mandarin oranges in it and they are always yummy. lol

Toasts. Didn't fumble it too badly considering I had forgotten my toast in Toronto. Oops.

After toasts...more pictures. Waiters served yummy cake (not the actual wedding cake...).

Then it was time for the first dance. Bubbles!!!!

Then other dancing. Eventually it was time to cut the cake. A lot of the evening is a bit of a blur to me. I got sicker and sicker as the day went on and by the time the cake was cut I was feeling very crappy. I left around 11 and felt guilty about it. lol I took a cab back to the apartment, changed, brushed out my hair, took some Benadryl and passed out on the couch.