Where the hell is it???

So last week I went to Sephora and bought some basics - concealer and foundation. I loved both of the products. The concealer I bought is called a "Magic Stick". It's awesome. And caused a rather amusing moment when the salesperson who happened to be a very swishy guy told me what he liked to do with his Magic Stick (and yes, we are still talking about make up people). So I bought it, took it home, used it and now I can't find it!!!!


I thought maybe it fell behind my bed so I pulled everything out from under it (I have under the bed storage containers) but no go. It's not there. It's not in any of my purses. It's not in my backpack. It's not in the bathroom. It's not in my make up bag.

So where is it?

I'm starting to think that one of the cats ate it. hmph!