That is what my stomach is doing this week. First it was very, very unhappy with me after Friday night. I really didn't have that much to drink but it conducted a revolt on Saturday anyway. Then for the last three days it's just been plain UNHAPPY with EVERYTHING I eat. hmph!

Normally this happens when I'm stressed out and tired. But I haven't been all the stressed this week. Money is a bit tight but nothing to really stress out about. Plans are good for next week to go to Montreal.

Why oh why does it feel like it has to reject everything I put into it? Not fair. hmph

It better not be having sympathy pains for Cat's stress. Cause you know, I know that work is stupid for her right now and that she's getting married very soon but still, our tummies are not allowed to have any sort of telepathic mutual sympathic upset connection. Hmph!

And now I have to run because I just remembered that I left my Visa at home and I need it today. Damn! Luckily the library is just across the street from home. hee-hee!