Monday, Monday

Morning everyone! My roomie went to her boyfriend's last night and I was up early soooooo I'm blogging. Unfortunately I don't have a lot to say. lol

Last night Jon and I wandered down to Queen Street to watch the MMVA's live. It was crowded. And my feet still hurt. And we're both glad we went but I think next year I'll settle for sitting in front of the tv and watching it (with yummy snacks!). Why do people have to smoke in large crowds? I mean really - if you get jostled the lit end of your cigarette is going to hit me! And since you insist on holding it at a weird angle I'm likely to get it in the eye. And I'd prefer you not to exhale all over me either. I don't particularly like the smell of cigarettes. That actually had a lot to do with me quitting (3 years - woohoo!). And people - why do you attempt to take children to these things??? They aren't going to be able to see anything. And no one is going to allow you to move to the front. Plus there are people being loud and annoying and smoking pot and why do you want to take your children to that? People are weird.

Why does kitty litter weight so much? Does it really have to be that heavy? I bought some on the way home this morning and it's a pain in the ass to carry.

Speaking of kitty type things things - my cat is stupid. I kept telling her that chasing bees was not a good idea. She decided to listen and chased a WASP on the balcony yesterday while I was talking to my dad on the phone. Wasps are less tolerant of Piper than bees apparently. She got stung. She looked so surprised and confused! It was almost funny. Her paw was a wee bit swollen yesterday but seems fine today. Silly kitty.

Also on the Piper front - I left her locked in my room last night while I was away. Apparently she wasn't too annoying since my roomies didn't let her out (I said they could). So I think I may do this regularly while I'm not home. I'm tired of coming home to her having scratches on her little nose. I wish I could find someone other than the roomies to take care of her while I was in Montreal but I don't think that's going to happen.

I leave for Montreal in about 9 days! woohoo! I'm excited about yummy bagels. And I'm also going to go to the Vatican Treasures exhibit at Notre-Dame. And of course see Kit-Cat. It's questionable who I'm going to see there other than Kit-Cat and Boo (the soon to be married in wedded bliss couple), people connected to their wedding and Mike and Flash (the couple that I'm staying with that unofficially adopted me when I was a student). I've emailed other people but they are being stupid and not getting back to me.