Sunshiney day...

Ok. Job interview sucked. I didn't do badly or anything - the company sucked. I hate to feel like I'm being picky but I really didn't like them. I also didn't like the 40 minute bus ride after the 2 buses and subway ride I had already taken. Especially when an old pukey smelling man got on the bus. Yucky.

So when I left I went downtown and treated myself to lunch. Fionn MacCool's was launching their all you can eat mussels - I had to try. Not nearly as good as the ones I had at Smokeless Joe's with Jon last weekend. Now those were tasty!

After lunch I did something bad. I went shopping. I was shopping with a purpose though. I was looking for a strapless bra. I found one and it rocks. It rocks so much I bought two (they didn't cost that's ok!). It's not often that I find one that I like. The last one I found was more than a year ago and it's not doing such a stellar job of holding the girls up anymore. And since I had already broken my rule of no underwear buying I went a step further and bought three pairs of underwear at La Vie en Rose.

And then I went to Old Navy and bought two pairs of flip-flops. But I got both pairs for less than I was planning to spend on one. So I figure that's ok. And I entered a contest to win $200 worth of Vichy products. They did an aging analysis on my skin. Lets just say lots of sunscreen (they honestly recommended at least a 45 SPF for me...), and hats for me this summer. And lots of water.