Blah, blah, blah

As Cat so politely pointed out...I have not updated in awhile. But it's not really my fault. I've had a busy week.

Monday - I was home but couldn't go on the internet cause it wasn't working. And then that evening I went to see Batman Begins. I won free premiere passes in some random contest I entered one day when I was bored. My friend Emma came with me. It's the first time we've managed to hook up since I moved here. She was very excited because she left for Israel on Wednesday afternoon so otherwise wouldn't have been able to see it for at least a month.

Tuesday - I spent most of the day at a PowerPoint workshop. I now know how to make kick-ass presentations. Which will hopefully increase my hiring potential. (Someone needs to hire me soon - I'm going crazy!). Watched crappy tv.

Wednesday - I was home most of the day but so was my roomie. I use her computer cause mine keeps telling me it's missing files that it needs to hook up the network and I don't have the Windows 98 cd so I can't install them. (Boo!) I was online at the library for a little while but you can only use their computers for an hour a day and by the time I did email, read blogs, applied for a job and updated on the Smiely board I didn't have time to update here. I was able to talk to Calleen and Anthony on messanger though. Watched crappy tv.

Thursday (aka - today!) - I slept in a bit (I've been TIRED this week). Got up around 9:30. Showered. Called the temp agency about the open house they are having. Found clothes to wear (this was difficult - I really need to do laundry...). Got on subway and went to Kinko's to get more copies of my resume made. Got back on subway and went to open house. It was ok. I have to go back next week to do some testing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, grammar, spelling and typing - apparenlty I can do all of this in 35 minutes????). Called my friend Mikey. Went to mall to buy conditioner at Trade Secrets (salon stuff but cheap!!!) and misc. stuff at Shopper's Drug Mart (Pharmaprix for those of you in Quebec). Tonight will likely be watching crappy tv, doing laundry and reading Reading Lolita in Tehran (which I want to go talk about on the Smiely board...).

Friday - ????

Saturday - stuffing race kits for the Pride and Remembrance run at 11am. Which means I have to leave here at 10am. Which means I have to get up at about 9am. Yuck.

Sunday - ????

Happy Kit-Cat???