Hot Saturday...

It's hot here. There's just no other word for it. I had been contemplating going to the Beaches today. But then I tuned into the weather network and found out it was 38C with the humidex (that's about 100F). My roomies are I thought I'd take the opportunity to enjoy a day of solitude. I believe they are all at work.

Supposedly my roomies are thinking about getting rid of all three of their cats. I'm sure it's just talk. They talk a lot of shit and do very little. And as much as I'd feel bad for the kitties being taken away from their mommies I hope that if they do get rid of them that they find mommies or daddies that actually, you know, take care of them and pay attention to them. I've listed today's temperature. I'm willing to bet that their cats don't have any water in their water dish. Or if they do, they have very little. In fact I'm going to go check right now... I was right. A very little bit of water and what little there was had a piece of kibble in it that had turned the water orange. Oh and little bits of kitty litter. Because they keep the litter boxes less than 6 inches away from the food. Nothing like having your toilet spill into your food.

I booked my room for the wedding I'm going to in July (not Kit-Cat's - I have another one that month as well). Now I just need to find a very cheap car rental and a wedding gift and I'll be all set...and possibly a new dress. I need to try on one in my closet to see if it still fits. I hope it does. I don't really have money to buy a new dress.

Speaking of Kit-Cat's wedding - I think I'm pretty much all set for that. I have my train ticket booked and I have a pretty good idea of everything I need to bring. I don't think I'm missing anything. :) I just need to figure out how the heck I'm going to do my hair for the wedding.