So I have another job interview tomorrow. It took me an hour to figure out how to get to the damned place. It will take me about 2 hours to get there. Boo. And I can't find my portfolio at the moment... It's in a folder somewhere. But it's not in the folder that I think it's in... But it's gotta be there right??? Oh and in my search for it I found something to add to it! woohoo! lol

I gotta go look for it. Not sure what to do if I can't find it. I guess I'll have to get up really, really early and head to a kinkos or something. In the meantime I'm going to email my self all the documents I'd need to reprint for it. Blach.

Also - this company confused the hell out of me. I got a message from them yesterday saying "This is Bob from ____ calling about your resume that you sent in." I had no idea what company it was. I searched through my in-box to try to find it. When I finally got in touch with them they said "oh, we were listed as "company confidential". Well then how the hell am I supposed to automatically know who the hell you are? sheesh!