I'm bored. There's nothing on TV. I watched a bit of Platoon but I always get all confused and can't remember who anyone is if I don't see it right from the beginning. I blame one of my ex's for this as he stole my copy when we broke up. If I still had it I'm sure I'd know who everyone is.

No idea what the hell is going on with roomies. Both are here...although not getting along the greatest based on the shouting I heard while attempting to relax with a bubble bath. Needless to say it wasn't exceptionally relaxing. Of course since I got out of it things have been quiet. hmph!

You want to know what sucks - if they do break up - it'll be the nicer of the two that leaves.

Oh and they are WEIRD. They've been playing with the white board on the fridge. There is some sort of nonsense about how when people die they turn into flies and they don't want to be flies they want to be maggots. Do you think they are serious? Or do they seriously not know that maggots are the larvae of flies???