Aw well crap!

So I had my interview today. Unfortunately I think it went really well. It's basically the same thing I did in Montreal. But it would only be a six month contract. And for less money than I was making before because there wouldn't be an overtime. Advantage - I could possibly move up within in the company. But more than likely I'd just get stuck in the job like I did the last one. So I doubt I'll take the position. But I'm pretty much be willing to bet money that I'll be offered it. If I were to take I *might* be able to afford to move but it would be far less likely. Moral of story - I don't want the job.

However, maybe I can use this as a way of getting the accounting firm to make up their minds on whether or not they make me an offer? Truth is, I'd really like to work there but at this point I really just want to know. I'm tired of the waiting game.