Ohhh exciting!

Tomorrow is shaping up to be an interesting day. I sent in my resume on a whim for a position and got a call from them less than two hours later. lol Let's just say I'm very qualified for this position and that's likely not something that they see a lot. Based on the position title and description I'd more or less be doing what I was doing in Montreal (but in a slightly different setting and a very different company). The honest truth is that the main reason that I applied is because I'm really curious as to what they pay. lol

Also tomorrow, my former roomie (who is in fact the only roomie I've ever truly gotten along with and stayed friends with) is going to be in town and we are going to meet up after my interview. I'm going to treat her to some sushi for lunch. And we get to exchange prezzies! Her birthday is in April and she's graduating next month with her second BA (we met just after she had finished her first). So she gets a double gift. Rather than buying her two separate gifts I just spent money on one bigger gift that I know she'll love. And my birthday was earlier this month so she made me something. :)

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a good day. I just have to figure out what to wear. :)