I'm not having a good day

Roomie J is pissed at me. Not that I care that much but it makes an unpleasant living condition all the more unpleasant. Meh. When her girlfriend moved in my rent went down $25 and all my bills were to be included, in theory this was supposed to include long distance as well. I had requested that a $20 unlimited evening and weekends long distance plan be put on the phone but she didn't like that because it was the afternoon and she wanted to make a call RIGHT THEN so she opted for a 7 cents/minute plan. I told her this would be more expensive in the long run and that I usually spend about $15 of the unlimited. We seemed to agree that about $15/month was acceptable. Or so I thought. She opened the phone bill today and I had used about $25 worth of long distance. Not too bad. I would have been more than willing to pay the $10 difference without much discussion. But she demanded then and there that I pay her $25. I argued with her about the whole bills included issues, but at no point said that I would not give her the money. She had a hissy fit and threatened to cut off the landline because her and D had cell phones and didn't really need it and didn't want to keep it around so they could pay for my long distance. I told her that was fine as I ALSO had a cell phone.

This is the part that pisses me off. I got a freakin' cell phone in the first place becasue I was told before I moved in that she was going to cancel the landline and that if I wanted to use a phone at all I'd need one. So I got one. It was no big deal. Then I land in Toronto and one of the first things she said to me is "Oh, I decided to keep the landline." So I needn't have gotten a stupid cell in the first place. Bah.

Also she wanted me to go in on the phone plan with her but never gave me the damned phone number or the voicemail password so I was severely limited on how effectively I could use that damned thing in the first place.

As far as I'm concerned she can go screw herself. I gave her the damned money but I will never touch that damned phone again.

Maybe the reason that I didn't sleep last night was because I was psychologically anticipating a shitty day.

Again a prayer to the gods - someone please hire me so I can move out of that hell hole.