I'm tired. I didn't get more than 60-90 minutes of consecutive sleep last night. And not too much outside then either. I think I'm stressed out about jobs. I was searching yesterday and didn't find a lot of potentials. Most of the jobs out there right now seem to be through employment agencies and I haven't had much luck with those. I've been to see two since I've been here - one was nice but my guy keeps losing access to my file and emails me to tell me this and then disappears for another month. Very frustrating. The other one that I met with I didn't like - she was bitchy and not very helpful.

I'm still waiting to hear from the accounting firm. It's been just over two weeks since my second interview. I get calls every couple of days from their in-house recruiter to make sure I'm still available, etc. She's really nice and I think she likes me a lot. But HR makes the final decision and the HR department and the recruiting department haven't been oh so great at communication the last couple of weeks. And now my recruiter is off this week. I'm afraid that I really do want this position but this whole waiting game is getting tiring and I just want to know already. Even if it's them telling me they've decided to go with another candidate. I just hate not knowing. I think that it's holding me back from wholeheartedly searching for something else. I really liked the accounting firm and I'd like to work there so I look at other positions and then think, "That's ok but doesn't sound as good as the accounting firm."

I just want to KNOW. Is that too much to ask???