Happy Long Weekend

Yay it's the weekend! And I'm going away! Which means three whole days without annoying roomies and demon cats. Unfortunately this means leaving Piper dependent on evil roomies for food and water on Sunday and Monday. They better feed her or I'll be pissed.
No sushi tonight. :( Turns out that KT isn't getting into town until much later than originally planned so I've been dumped. Boo. No sushi, no KT, no Mikey. Shitty turn out for a Friday night. Oh well, gives me lots of time to do laundry which I need to get done before tomorrow.
Coin laundry machines suck. I hate having to pay for each load of laundry I do. I know that I should be happy that there actually are machines in my building but I had been spoiled for the last year and a half by having my own washer, dryer AND clothes line. Ahhh life was good. I also had a back yard...and crazy neighbours who hated cats and trees....
One of the demon cats is now scared of me since I evicted it from Piper's litter box. I'm sorry that your mommies are too lazy to get off their asses to scoop out your litter boxes (they have two) but I don't love you and I don't want to clean up your crap. Get out of my room. Thank you.
I was having another bored vegging in front of the TV day a couple of days ago and ended up watching Listed's 20 baddest boys in music. Billy Idol was #20. I'm sorry but Robbie Williams is NOT badder than Billy Idol. Scott Weiland was a respectable #17. He's really not "bad" - he does have an unfortunate drug addiction which makes him appear badder than he actually is. He still has a nice ass. Which Calleen has seen bare and live in concert. I'm jealous.
I read the Broke Diaries the other day. I wasn't that impressed. She wasn't that broke - she still had a car. Nothing compared to my former roomies days of not having enough to eat and no money to wash her clothes. She was eating two biscuits and an orange a day. She washed her sheets in the bathtub. Her parents didn't believe she was that poor until she went home with raw hands from handwashing all her stuff. They gave her money for food and laundry after that.
May go out tonight. If I do debating the wiseness of wearing kilt-type skirt. High potential for lots of free drinks (but must get up early tomorrow and spend 5 or 6 hours in a car...). Unfortunately also good potential for creeps with naughty school girl fantasies and creepy old men who like little girls... Will decide later. Most likely will end up wearing pants. Don't quite have suitable shoes for skirt and the ones that I do have may end up making me look like a tart if I wear them with said skirt...