Things I Need/Want

I rearranged my room today. I need to get rid of some clutter. I want to get rid of a lot of stuff but can't bring myself to actually get rid of it. lol I'm slowly getting rid of books...very slowly. I have many I could get rid of after I actually read But going through my stuff I started a mental list of things that I need/want

1. New duvet with a removable duvet cover. My cat sheds A LOT which is partly why I rearranged my room. I moved the bed so that she doesn't have to be at the head of the bed to get on the windowsill - I'm seriously sick of cat hair on my pillow. And the comforter I have right now collects an astonishing amount of static electricity. My poor cat often gets shocked when I try to pet her.

2. A mattress pad. I want my bed to be comfy.

3. Another set of sheets. The set I have on my bed now it crappy and I don't want to use the fleece set in the summer.

4. A binder for my cds. Cd cases are taking up too much space and look yucky.

5. Anchors and screws so I can put up my shelves for my movies. This will free up some space on one of the bookshelves so it will help things look less cluttered.

6. 2 mirrors - one full length, one for my dresser.

7. Extension cord and new powerbar.

8. New cord for my telephone. Maybe then it will work...