Stupid People

So I get a call today about a job. They said they would send me an intelligence test that would take me an hour to do and then if I could get it done tonight, and I qualify, there would be an info-session tomorrow evening. I told them I'd do my best to get the test done tonight but as I currently share a computer it hinges on availability. Well, I'm online obviously since I'm posting here, but there's no stupid intelligence test in my inbox. So I've been doing some research on this company. I think it scares me. There is something on their website under their "Are you what we want" thingie that says "trial by fire"...this is scary. Plus I don't know what I think of a company's policy of considering the hire of someone based on their intelligence. In order to even get into one of their info-sessions you must be in the top 5% of their little intelligence test.

Do this sound scary to anyone else???