I had a rant...but now I forget what it was...something that was annoying me when I was out today but now I can't remember what it was.
One thing that happened while I was out today - I was on Bloor near Church Street and saw what I thought was a rather large pot-bellied pig. I actually did a double take 'cause it's not something you see that often. I thought "cool!". As I got closer I realized that it was not a pot bellied pig but rather an overly fat black dog with teeny tiny legs. The poor thing seriously needs to be put on a doggie diet. Do they have trim-spa for doggies???
To the annoying teenager on the bus who was in my way:
If you are in fact, NOT getting off the bus you do not have to stand directly in front of the door and in the way of people, like me, who are getting off. Go sit your skinny ass down on the seat that is two steps away. Thank you.
I'm craving pizza. In a bad way. I'm refraining from ordering because I have leftovers in the fridge that I need to use up before the weekend (roadtrip! woohoo!). They are nummy leftovers - homemade pasta sauce. mmmmmm But I still want PIZZA. Also not ordering because I know that I'm going out for sushi tomorrow. mmmmmm sushi. Have not had sushi since I moved to TO.
To my lesbian roomies who own the three demon cats - can you please buy your damn neglected cats some toys so they will stop stealing Piper's??? Thank you.