I'm starting to hate it here...

I was tolerating things in the apartment well. But I'm starting to lose it. I have decided that I really do dislike roomie J. I didn't like her when I moved in. Then I started to like her. And now I don't. I'm sick of how her and roomie D have three fucking cats and don't take care of any of them. I hate that they only scoop their litter boxes once a week and since my bedroom is directly across from where they keep them I have to deal with the smell. I hate that they don't feed them properly. They feed them once a day in the morning and all three cats eat out of one bowl (tell me that's not causing kitty issues - ha!). I think they only refill the water bowl about every three days so their damn cats are always coming into my room to drink Piper's water because it's refilled and freshened daily. I hate that D's cat just turned up one day. I hate how that particular cat has decided to terrorize *my* cat to the point that as soon as Piper sees her she starts hissing at the cat and everything else around - including me. I hate that it pisses me off.

I hate how roomie J gets in a temper at nothing and totally freaks out at anything and everything around her. She's hostile. I just hide in my room. When she's in a temper she reminds me of my now deceased step-father. If she were drunk, male and rambling on about what a useless bitch I was she would be doing a near perfect imitation of him. I HATE IT.

There are just simply too many people and too many damned cats in this fucking apartment. I WANT OUT.

Someone give me a damned job already so I can get my ass out of here!