Busy, busy, busy

I was barely online at all last week. I've been a busy little bee. Ok, actually Monday and Tuesday I wasn't so busy but the roomie that lets me use her computer (because mine is an ancient relic that won't network) wasn't working so was hiding in her room all the time. I did check my email daily but usually didn't have time to write back to anyone.

Wednesday-Friday I spent various amounts of time with Lav and the redheads. I even got to babysit the little redhead. Those of you who know me know that I'm not a big kid person but I adore this little redheaded kid. She's just simply adorable. The momma redhead cooked dinner one night too. Mmmmmmmm yummy chicken alfredo. I will happily turn over my kitchen to her anytime.

Wednesday night I also went to a David Usher concert. It was weird not being there with Calleen. I felt kinda old...it was a good show though.

So far I have no plans for this week. Other than the usual attempting to get all my laundry done and job searching (since I was busy last week I didn't get a lot of searching done but applying for a pile of jobs yesterday...). Oh and yet another trip to the library. I go there a lot. I read a lot. I haven't really liked much of what I've read lately but then again I've been reading a heck of a lot of crap. I currently have Darkly Dreaming Dexter checked out and it's supposed to be good. And it looks like it's going to warm up this weekend and get sunny so maybe I'll get some more balcony time in. It's been rainy and cold for more than a week now. Yucky!