It's been awhile...

Shelly must be busy cause she hasn't bitched at me for not updating this lately. I really haven't been that busy, I just haven't been online a lot this past week. I've been wandering around town (kinda), wholed up in my room watching movies, sitting on the balcony in the sunshine (I have the pink nose to prove it) and um...yeah, not much else. Part of the reason is that I still am not online with my own computer so I have to use my roomies and her room is well...disgusting. And a bit smelly (dirty laundry, pot and cigarettes - ewie!).

It seems that spring has finally arrived. :) It's sunshiney. I spend about three hours on the balcony yesterday reading and talking on the phone. And watching Piper chase flies. One of the former roomies had two cats and she kinda lined the whole balcony in chicken wire so her cats could play out there. Piper appreciates this. I won't let her go out unless I'm there because I don't quite trust the chicken wire. But she does enjoy being out there. :)

I'm at Jon's right now. He's painting. It's kinda fun to watch a painting be created. It looks like fun. Not something that I would be any good at but fun to watch others create. Calleen would like it - it has lots of orange. ;-) So while he's painting I'm sipping wine and getting caught up in the blogging world. Fun stuff. :)

Oh - I knew there was something else. Apparenlty the transit workers here are walking off the job on Monday morning at 4am and striking. But unlike Montreal where this happened last November transit is not an essential service and it's not going to run AT ALL! It doesn't really affect me all that much. I have a doctor's appointment and I'll probably have to cab it (although I may walk home). But seriously - am I cursed to have pissed off transit workers to follow me around for the rest of my life? Two transit strikes in two cities where I live in less than a year? Really, what did I do to piss of the unions????