It's rainy here today. But it's still warm so the windows are open. There are some woodlands behind my building. The breeze coming in through the window is earthy and woody. It's refreshing. It kinda reminds me of being home.

Job update - I didn't get the job I interviewed for (again, sigh). It had me down and frustrated yesterday. I'm feeling a bit more optimistic today.

Other thing that had me frustrated yesterday - the network card that I ordered arrived yesterday. I got it installed fine. Has issues installing the drivers. My cd rom drive did NOT want to open. It did after I hit it. Apparently my computer responds tough love. So I finally get the drivers installed and then my computer decides that it needs the Windows 98 CD in order to set up the network. I don't HAVE the stupid Windows 98 CD. Arg. I want a new computer. Unfortuneately I don't have the money for it. Someday I will.

Yesterday I signed up to volunteer with the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives for the Pride and Prejudice Run in June. I'll be stuffing race kits and be there on race day to do whatever it is they want me to do that day.

Today I got my income tax return. The stupid thing about filing taxes while you are a resident of Quebec is that you have to file two separate tax returns. I was able to file the federal portion online. I got a money back from there. Close to half of what I got from them I have to send to Quebec because I owe them. Sigh. Of the cash that's remaining - most of it is going on a credit card but I'm going to take a bit and use it to get a haircut. I really need one and I deserve to a little bit of pampering. Why do I deserve? Because I said so. lol Hopefully whatever stylist I ent up with will be good and will not be a repeat of the horrible experience I had with Marie-José - a horribly hair stylist who also happened to be a drag queen... I think it's the only time in my life I didn't tip a stylist. It wasn't the worse haircut but it was the worst experience.