Ok. So I've been drinking tonight. I'll get that out front right now. I've had an evening of drinking on the patio with my roomies and shivering as it got cold. It was good though.

I find it funny how random memories sneak up on you at the oddest times. Tonight the one that snuck up on me was one I had almost completely forgotten about. It involves sneaking into a provinicial park at night and sleeping on the beach all night. I'm fairly certain there was alcohol involved but I'm not sure that I actually drank. This was in high school - I didn't drink much then (although there were a few notable exceptions...). What I can't remember is how we got there. I remember walking all the way back to town along the beach the next day. But it's beyond me who dropped us was either someone's mother or someone's brother...I'm actually leaning towards mother...

I like to think high school was boring and then I remember this random shit. lol