I've been lazy about blogging...

I'll try to update. But before I do that...I'm watching Oprah right now. It's almost over. It's about mean girls (ummm real ones, not the movie). There were mean girls in my high school. All I can say about them now is that they can kiss my ass. :) Then again, that was more or less my attitude back then too. lol I had my Calleen. She had to deal with mean girls too. I'm sure that she thinks they can kiss her ass as well. We're like that. Speaking of which, as of September, Calleen and I will have been friends for 20 years. Now that makes me feel old. lol If I were made of money (oh hell that's funny) I'd be pushing for us to run away to some beach somewhere south and warm and doing spa things and drinking daquiris (I never could turn her onto to lime margaritas - so sad). But based on current circumstances we'll likely have to settle for a phone call.

So my life this week has been uneventful. I had a doctor's appointment (physical- blah). I weight less than I thought I did which is slightly disturbing. But as usual, my doctor didn't seem overly concerned so I'm trying not to be either. The only thing she recommended was upping my protein intake (I'm working on it) and taking calcium supplements (which I bought that day). I was supposed to meet up with Lav that day but she had to cancel because she got called in to work instead. :( So I treated myself to a movie. I saw Fever Pitch. Totally predictable but I like Drew Barrymore.

I went to the library and took out a bunch more books. Another week, another cookbook. And of course, more trashy reading. I finally got around to reading Monday Mourning - the latest in the Kathy Reichs series that came out last summer. I like that it was back in Montreal again.

I was online today and thought of something that I had to look up but was in the middle of something and by the time I was finished I had forgotten what I wanted to do. I still can't remember. I hate that. Why does that happen??? I know it's something that I keep meaning to look up. I think I have to start making lists.

Figured out the rest of my taxes today. I just have to photocopy a couple of things and mail it off to Quebec and I'll be done. I was pleasantly surprised (very surprised) to find the person at the other end of the help line very helpful. I think that's a first with my dealing with the Quebec government.

No idea what I'm going to do this weekend. I have been to Chinatown here yet. I may explore that. Or I may go to the area of town that has a bunch of vintage clothing stores. I'm looking for a dress to wear to a wedding in July. I don't really *need* one but if I see something I like, that looks good and is a decent price I might have to get it. :)