Meh. I'm feeling lazy today...

Lazy in the sense that the absolute last thing I want to do today is job search. Really. I don't. I'm simply not in the mood. And I figure I have an interview tomorrow. Even if it's for a job that I don't think I really want...I vaguely remember applying for it because it seemed somewhat interesting, I was somewhat qualified and the pay was decent.

You see my issue is that the job that I applied for earlier in the week, I'm really interested in. I have no idea what my chances are even though the interview went well. I won't know anything for about two weeks. I don't even know what the pay offer is...but I know that even if it were a bit low I'd probably take it cause I think I'd really like it.

I've noticed that I seem to feel blah for a few days after an interview. I'm sure this will pass quickly. I'm off to do...something... I have no idea what.