Sometimes life smiles on you...

This is what I tried to post about three times yesterday. Apparently Blogger dislikes sentiment...

As I look back over the last year a lot of things have changed. A year ago I was unhappy about a lot of things. I was in a crappy relationship. I hated my job. I was fighting depression. It's easy to remember those things. It's harder to remember the good things that have happened in the last year. Among the good things that have happened though, a lot of people that I hadn't had a lot of contact with in awhile popped back into my life.

First there was Jason. I've known Jason since I was about 11. I love him to bits. It was about a year ago that I had come home and checked my voicemail and there was a message from him. I honestly hadn't actually spoken to the guy in about 2 years? We hadn't seen each other for about five. And yet there was a message saying that he was in town, and to get off my ass and call him. Same old Jason. He was in Montreal working getting his US fiance visa so that he could be with his sweetie. We met up after a long day of waiting around US immigration for him and Roxy. J and I went to a music store while she had a nap and then we all went out to eat and then went back to their room for a couple of drinks. It was the first (and well--only time) I had met Roxy. I liked her a lot. Which doesn't sound like that much but I had a tendency to not like Jason's ex-girlfriends. Mainly because they treated him like shit. And they didn't like me. Mainly because I didn't treat him like shit. Roxy clued into our dynamic though, she knew that Jason loved me like a sister,actually I often get mistaken for one of his twin sisters (doesn't help that one of the twins has the same name as me). And Jason was and is still Jason - still shits and giggles. He and Roxy are now married and he's got his greencard and he's back online so we can actually talk more often. He's also been in contact with a recording studio again so hopefully he'll be back in the studio recording soon.

Then in July I went back home for Calleen's wedding. I was dateless and Jon took pity on me and graciously agreed to be my date for the evening. I hadn't seen him in at least three years. I knew that I would have a good time at Calleen's wedding (really, how could I not?) but Jon helped me have a good time. He was a great date. We stayed in touch after the wedding. We're now in the same city since I moved. Moving was a big scary deal for me and it helped knowing that I had a friend from "back home" here. He makes me get out of the apartment and shake the dust off myself. And he cooks. Who can resist a man that cooks? One of my favourite things about Jon is that you never quite know what he'll say or do next. Keeps me on my toes. He's kinda cute too. ;-) (Anthony play nice in the comments section, he reads this on occasion you know)

Next is my friend M. M stands for Mikey. I don't think many people call him Mikey other than me. What can I say? He's just Mikey and he always will be - silly and goofy in his own special study-nerd law school way. I hadn't been in contact with Mikey for at least a year and a half, maybe even two years. I think he was just in his first year of law school the last time I spoke with him. As I mentioned in an earlier post I got an email out of the blue from him and voila! He's just suddenly back. And since I moved we are now living in the same city. I met up with him on Friday night (along with Jon) and we had some beer. He's the same Mikey that I remember and adore. His fiance wasn't there unfortunately so I didn't get to see her. I hope to soon. I've also gushed about how happy I am that they are getting married so I won't do it again. But I AM going to be going to the wedding since it isn't the same weekend as Kit-Cat's (and I don't have to make a speech at this one).

Yesterday I went to a movie and hung out for awhile with Lav. Lav is a friend that I met online through Denise. I met Lav in person for the first time a couple of years ago. About three years ago (I think it was 3, maybe it was 2) Lav was mugged and her wallet was stolen. Among the things that she lost was her citizenship card. It took a looonnnggggggg time for her to be able to get another one. In fact she just got it a couple of months ago. This was a bit of a problem because her girlfriend lives in the States. Lav couldn't fly to see her (or their baby after she was born) because she didn't have the proper id to go through customs at the airport. So a kind of underground railroad was formed to get Lav across the border. She would train it to Montreal where I would meet her, then our friend RE would pick her up and drive her across the border and to New Hampshire where she could then fly to her woman (and baby). So pretty much every time I saw Lav she really didn't want to be where I was - she was either on her way to see the redhead and dying to get there, or on her way back and dying inside cause she had just left her. Then a bunch of us did a big pilgrimage to Denise's birthday party in Florida and I got to see her WITH the redhead. That was a happy trip (even with the Chinese firedrills she didn't approve of). And now that we are in the same city I'll get to see her more often. It was good to see her yesterday. Apparently soon I get to meet her crazy family. I'm looking forward to it. But not as much as I'm looking forward to the redhead and the baby coming to visit (Shelly AND Denise have met the baby - I'm very jealous).

Sometime either just before or just after Christmas (I really can't remember) I was actually online at home, which meant that I was actually logged onto MSN. And out of the blue I get a message from my chickie! I met this girl when she was about 13. She was one of the kids in my youth group the summer I was a youth worker. We're still not entirely sure why she was in the group – other than that the school's guidance counselor didn't like But I'm glad that she was cause we totally bonded and now she's like my surrogate little sister. She comes to me with her problems, I give her advice cause she asks me to, then she ignores my advice and does her own thing (which is usually the opposite of what I tell her she should do), things get messed up and then she comes back to me and tells me that I was right and she should have listened. Some of you may be amazed but I DON'T tell her "I told you so". Well...not most of the time. I could resist when she told me about the condom that she flushed that floated back up and she got in trouble for skipping school to have sex. I told her that flushing condoms would get her caught. My chickie is now in her second or third year of university (majoring in MY majors nonetheless - I swear sometimes it's like having my own mini-me). She was so young when I met her and now she's a beautiful young woman - even with the blue hair.
So despite the fact that it was a shitty year in many ways I've had 5 wonderfully amazing people come back into my life. And that's an awful lot.