Lazy Sunday

I have every intention of being rather lazy today. By lazy, I mean not leaving the building. I do have to do laundry but I need to wait for my roomie to come back. She's getting change for me. :)

My dinner on Friday night was yummy. The french onion soup turned out really well. I'm going to have to make it again sometime soonish. Before it starts to get too warm. It's simply not a summer dish. The steak turned out ok. I cooked them a bit too much (I was worried about undercooking them so of course did the opposite...). The sauce was pretty good but I think there was a bit too much cream. I'll decrease the amount next time. I do have extra cream left though which means I can make a rosé sauce. I wish I had some scallops - I make a yummy garlicky scallop rosé sauce.

Friday night I also met up with my friend M. I haven't seen him in a LONG time. We really suck at keeping in touch when we are not in the same city. It was really good to see him again. I've missed him. His fiance will be in town next weekend so hopefully I'll get to meet up with her. Speaking of which...she had a med school interview this morning. I want everyone to think good thoughts for her.

I also went to the St. Lawrence Market yesterday. I love that place. It really is a foodie heaven. If I were still in contact with Foodie Julia and she were ever in town it is totally the place I'd take her. Although...I didn't see anyplace that had nachos there and nachos are a me and Foody Julia thing...I guess I'd also have to find a good nacho place. lol I will also have to take my mother to the St. Lawrence Market if she ever comes to visit (ha! I may be waiting years for that one...).

I finally finished reading the Odyssey today. It's taken me way longer than I thought it would. For some reason I seem to have been having a hard time concentrating lately. Probably too many other things going on in my mind. I started The Sun Also Rises. Then next on the list is The Wealthy Barber and then The Man in the Iron Mask.

Oh speaking of books - when I was downtown with my friend yesterday we found a great bookstore, Nicholas Hoare Ltd. It's the type of place that makes you forget that big chain bookstores exist. You would never want to go to another Chapters or Indigo (or Barnes and Nobles for my American friends) if you step foot into this store. I can see myself spending many hours (and many dollars) in this store. I think that my next book purchase will be Bella Tuscany. Frances Mayes made me fall in love with Tuscany and renewed my desire to go there (I used to speak a little bit of Italian...I did take it for a year at university...I wasn't very good though...). Of course after having read Under the Tuscan Sun I not only wanted to visit but wanted my own villa. lol But I will get to visit there someday.

Ok. Enough ramblings for today. I have lazing about to do. And I'm going to go check and see if Shelly had growled at me elsewhere for not updating my blog