Sigh. So I finally got around to calling the government about my EI application. Apparenlty it's taking a full six weeks to process the stupid things in Ontario right now. Which means I may not get any money until March 30th. Ouch! Needless to say, my financial planning did not take that into account (had I been getting money next week, I'd have been fine...).

So I did what every girl does - I called my Dad. I hate asking my Dad for money. I'm always worried that he's going to see me as a money hungry little brat. This is my aunt's fault (reason # 4 of why I have serious issues with my Dad's family). When I was younger I overheard a conversation they were having. She does all of his accounting for him (which is another reason why I laughed when I found out he was offered a job at a bank here in Toronto when he was younger). Essentially the conversation was about how he had to stop spending money on me because I was costing him too much. Now any time I ask him for money I feel like I'm being a drain. And now I've had to do it twice in 2005 (and once last August). sigh. I have serious guilt issues now. True, it's been two years since I've asked him, and I keep telling him that I'll pay him back and he didn't let me last time (I tried to pay him the money I owed him from August in October and he said not to - it would be my Christmas gift - then he gave me money for Christmas...sigh). I probably would have been ok too, but I have a student loan payment and a credit card payment both next week...and another credit card payment the week after. blah. Part of me wants to get rid of the stupid credit cards but they are what is feeding me at the moment which is why I kinda keep them around.

Money sucks.

On that note...more job searching...