Being a Girl

You know, for the most part I really do rather love being a girl. We're interesting creatures. What I could live without is the PMS and raging hormones that leave me super emotional. It happens anytime in the week before my period and even sometimes when I have my period. For the last two days I've been pretty much able to tear up at the drop of a hat. Oprah makes me cry, Hallmark commercials make me cry. Thankfully I haven't seen the phone commercial where the guy is at Dieppe and calls his grandfather. I'd be a blubbering mess.

Plus I've been doing my best to do all this tearing up out of sight as my roomie just got home two days ago from her brother's funeral. I'm sure the last thing she needs is to see some chick bawling over a stupid Dawson's Creek rerun (don't laugh - it has actually happened two days in a row) because she's hormonal.

I guess it could be worse. I could turn into a raging bitch instead of being super sappy. Actually the bitch thing does happen occassionally - when I'm under extreme stress and PMSing at the same time. Like my grad year of high school. It was a prime PMS time of month and within the course of 4 days I had to go to the funeral of another student/coworker, write my last high school final (which actually was delayed for a day because of the funeral), finish all the flowers for my sister's wedding and then BE in the wedding. At 6pm every night for about three or four days I would turn into a psycho-bitch. Things would come out of my mouth and I would wonder if I actually said them. My mother was ready to boot me out of the house until it was over.