Ok. I have long hair. I only need to get it cut about three times a year. The last couple of salons I've gone to I've tended to not do a lot colour-wise because it's too darned expensive (I once put down damn close to $200 on hair and colour...that learned me real quick). And I've discovered I really can do colour cheaper myself (although foils are a bit of a challenge when you are doing it all alone).

Since I only go in a couple of times a year I'm not exactly a high-priority client with a lot of stylists. Which means that they tend to go off to never-neverland without me. That happened with Joel - although truth be told he didn't give me the most drop-dead haircuts (they were fine, just not spectacular). I mainly went to him cause he was cute and flirty and gave great head massages. Then I had Christina. I LOVED Christina. She was freaking cool. And a good example of not to judge your stylist by how good their hair was. She generally had bad hair - it was in some phase of growing out most of the time. But then she poofed. I have no idea where she went. And obviously her former salon is not going to tell me. After her I had Shannon. Shannon was cool. But I left the city. I might have considered going to her for one last cut before I left but she told me the last time I went to her that she'd be wintering in Thailand.

Now I'm in a new city and none of the girls I know here seem to get their hair cut by anyone. Arg. Which means I'm at total ground zero for finding a stylist. I don't want to pay an arm and a leg if I can help it. At the end of things in Montreal I was paying about $60 for a basic cut. I'd like to find something that was about $40 for a cut.

I've gotten some truly horrible cuts and had some truly vile hair experiences which make me wary of new stylists (and salons). They've come from the cheaper and the more expensive. There was the drag queen who stabbed me with her (his? what exactly is the proper term when referring to a drag queen?) nails and then burned me with the hair dryer. Needless to say they didn't get a tip. The haircut was pretty crappy too, which really wasn't much of surprise as she had her head (I've opted for the female pronoun...) turned in the opposite direction for most of the cut. Then there was the place where I booked the entire appointment in person in English but then the person who was to cut my hair spoke only French and we totally didn't understand each other. I found this out after they had washed my hair. I refused to let the guy cut my hair. No one else would either until I threatened to walk out with my head dripping wet. Then the senior stylist decided to cut it and charge me HIS fee which was about $30 more than the original guy. Needless to say I never went back there.

So now I have to start the search all over again with absolutely no useful input. There's some stuff on the internet but they are all opinions of people I don't know. And if one more person tells me that I should just cut it myself I just might ram a pair of scissors down their throat...