So after the lame-ass St. Patrick's parade that dragged Jon to (hey Montrealers speak up here - the Montreal St. Patty's parade is rowdy and entertaining right?) and after a Guiness and some fish and chips (mmmmmmm) I finally found a Royal Bank. Royal Banks are proving to be surprisingly elusive... Before I took money out I decided to double check my balance to make sure I actually had as much as I was supposed to have. So my balance displays and I kinda go "Wha?!" It's five times what I thought it would be! So I get all the recent transactions and woohoo EI finally decided to give me money! Yay!!!!!! Happy, happy, happy. I am no longer poor. I no longer have to worry about when I can pay all my bills. Yay! I have to call EI and find out exactly how much they are giving me each week but I know that I'm getting money now. :) Happy day!