A Generally Crappy Day...

I have a headache. I've had a headache for several hours now. It won't go away and I'm all out of headachey relief stuff. I had an interview that didn't go exceptionally well. It didn't exactly go badly but somehow I came out of it feeling bad. It was with another recruiting company and they seemed to be telling me they could find me something but not to expect much. Meh.

Last night I called roomie H to get her to call roomie J and tell her that her cats were hungry and out of food. She then told me that J's brother had committed suicide. sigh. I don't know the story...I probably never will. I don't know if there was a history of depression or anything there. Suicide with younger people always makes me sad because it makes me think of my cousin Jeff. He committed suicide in the fall of 2000 at the age of 19 (I think...he might have even been 18...). He had been missing for a week when some fishermen found his body (yes, that means he was a floater). After the funeral one of my cousins who is a computer nerd went through his computer files and discovered that he had been trying to do some self-diagnosis. Based on what he was looking at we strongly suspect he was schizophrenic.

Every single time I hear about a young man killing himself it makes me think of Jeff. It's just such a waste.

So these are the thoughts that are going through my head today...adding a crappy interview for a job I didn't even really want and a recruiter that I didn't really want to meet, and a stiff neck and headache...makes for a generally crappy day.

And I forgot to add that because of the crappy interview thing - I wasn't able to watch the memorial service for the four fallen RCMP officers.