What did I do last week???

Cause I sure as hell wasn't packing! sigh. I will be moving Thursday or Friday. I will find out on Monday which day. I'm doing this whole shared load thingie so it really depends on which day they can have the truck full. I have a lot of time but I have a lot of stuff to do. And I need to buy some putty to putty up the wholes I made in the walls hanging pictures and shelves. Then paint over them. This kinda requires going to the store to buy putty, unless my landlord has some...maybe I'll poke around downstairs a bit to see if I can find any. Someone is coming to look at the apartment tomorrow so I really need to do some cleaning. The place is a bit of a disaster. Of course I should be doing that instead of being online but I'm lecturing my nephew on messanger at the moment. He's going through his "I'm 16 and my mother is a meanie" phase. sigh. Kids.

Checking airline stuff and then I'll clean. I'll need to find some good cleaning music...lol

Whew - there are still some cheap air canada flights...hopefully they will still be there on Monday...