Ok, apparently I've been sitting on my butt too often lately. All the running around yesterday has left me TIRED. And after carrying the stupid boxes my arms are still. They were empty cardboard boxes for crying out loud! I'm such a wimp! sigh. And now I feel lazy. I know that should put on real clothes and go out for a bit. I need to see about selling some books to a second hand bookstore. And I need to drop some more off at the Salvation Army drop box. And it's really nice outside. But I want a nap!

My neck is stiff too. It was like that last week as well. I think that might be why I had a horrendous headache the other day. I need a massage. Any volunteers???

Hmm maybe if I actually eat something I'll have more energy. I'm running on coffee at the moment (my first cup in about a week).