I survived!

I don't know why when my Uncle B told me that he'd call me at 3:30 I believed him. He called at 11:30 and said he'd be here at 1:30. Then of course he called at 12 and told me he'd be here at 12:30. lol That is sooooooooo like my father. I managed to get ready on time though.

So we ventured out to Uncle A's. It's about 80km's away. It was a nice drive. Uncle B actually talked (if you ever met my father - he doesn't talk). It took us about an hour to get there with a stop on the way at the Beer Store. Uncle A's town reminds me of the Maritimes...it has that feel to it. Apparently a lot of former Maritimers live there - I wasn't surprised.

Uncle A is the same as always. Big and jolly (although a bit bigger around the tummy since he retired). We had a nice time talking about the people from "back home". I see that part of the family much more than he does (although I really haven't seen them in years). My cousin G was there when we first got there as well. The last time I saw him I was in diapers and honestly have no memory of it. He left for work and then a bit after that my aunt came home. About 10 mintutes after that my cousin M and her boyfriend K showed up. Again, hadn't seen M since I was in diapers. She wasn't much older since she doesn't remember me.

Then Uncle A decided it was time to fatten me up and fed me dinner (D - do you get that?). It was yummy. Apparenly Uncle A does all the cooking. lol It was very good. I had two helpings - a rarity for me. And then I had DESSERT! But who can turn down vanilla ice-cream with homemade strawberry preserves??? It turned out to be less ackward then I thought. It was interesting to hear them sound off on the Maritime junction of the family. They aren't real crazy about the aunt that I don't like either. lol Uncle A wants me to come visit often so that he can continue in his quest to fatten me up (I've been promised bbq in the summer...). K comes into the city a lot and said that he'd be happy to pick me up and drop me off whenever I wanted to visit. He's friends with the local bar owners and said that they would take me out. They were planning on the younger bar rather than a pub when I quickly mentioned that I was a pub girl (the other place is the small town equivalent of a meet-market from what I gathered...).

The only condition is that the next time I go I have to make biscuits. Uncle A loves biscuits but no one there makes them. So I told him that I would bring him some. :)

Then I got home and my H's best friend was here painting her room. I had forgotten that she was planning on surprising her with it. It looks nice. H is going to freak out when she gets back. I'm not sure why her friend is doing this. H's friends tend to do stuff like this for each other. The room is now a purply-pink colour (heavy on the pink). It also now smells like paint instead of cigarettes...lol.