All by myself...

My roomies are pretty much gone for the weekend. J is at her girlfriend's place and H is going to Montreal (Kit-Cat no pouting that I'm not hitching a ride - it wasn't offered). So I have the apartment all to myself for the weekend (J may pop in but I don't expect her until Sunday).

So what should I do in the apartment all alone? Walking around naked is a given. I'm going to clear my boxes out of the living room. Other than that I don't know what to do. Cause really, I'm alone most of the time during the day. I've invited someone over for dinner tomorrow but as it's last minute they may already have plans. And I need to prep for my interview on Monday. Sunday night is Oscar night and I plan on falling asleep in front of of them (unless Chris Rock is funny enough to keep me awake...).

Tonight I believe I am having dinner at my relatives. It should go well...I like these relatives although I haven't seen them in years. It may be ackward. I'm sure I'll be happy to get back home.

Oh roomie J actually poked her head in my room and spoke to me last night. Amazing! Of course, then she left for the weekend without having fed her cats. I feel bad for those cats. They are lonely.