I'm all messed up this week

I keep confusing the days of the week. Yesterday I kept thinking that it was Tuesday and now I keep thinking that today is Wednesday. I did remember that yesterday was Wednesday in time to watch the West Wing. ;-) I suppose it doesn't help that I'm feeling very sleepy today. Meh.

So I think I'm going to dinner at Uncle A's tomorrow night. He leaves rather far away so Uncle B is going to drive me (lol - those are actually their initials...). I assume I should bring something with me but I'm not sure what to bring. I would bring wine but I'm not sure if they drink wine... Flowers but I won't be finding out until pretty much the last minute whether or not I'm going. Meh. How about it just bring their niece that they haven't seen in about 5 years?

Going to make some coffee and see if I can clear the cobwebs from my brain. I have some documentation to work on today for my portfolio but I'm feeling way to "duh" to work on it right now. Breakfast, clean the bathroom, a load of laundry...