My feet hurt!

That's what I get for walking around for three hours in heels right? I had an interview with a recruiting company (those of you who I worked with at the bookstore will be familiar with the company...). It went well. I was amused though. When I spoke to my agent on the phone he told me that I would likely be looking at taking a pay cut (this is based on my yearly salary ie. including my bonus, not the normal paltry salary). But then because I have "communication" on my resume (the Con U program I was in was Technical Communication) I will apparently not have a problem getting what I want. That is assuming I do well on the software tests he's sending me (which I don't think I'm going to have an issue with...).

After that I just kinda wandered around downtown. I just sorta walked thinking that it would be nice to end up at the Eaton Centre because I have that stupid Gap gift card. I made it to the Eaton Centre pretty damn easily considering I really had no idea where I was or how to get there. lol I think wandering around malls as a child was good for me. I have a decent sense of direction for shopping because of it - I swear there must be some sort of homing beacon.... I went to the Gap. Looked at things, tried things on, hated how they fit (as usual) and left without spending any of my gift card. I've never owned anything from the Gap. Me and the Gap do not get along. I am simply not a Gap girl. It will be interesting to see how long I have this silly gift card for.

And this is for Young Anthony - I went to H&M. I have a complaint. They shove way too much shit onto the racks. They simply CRAM it all on there. It makes it hard to see things and it makes it look like it's crowded and oozing. That being said - they have some nice suits. And I absolutely fell in love with a knee length pale green suede jacket. Cat - I *swooned*. It was purty. They also had a kickass red velvet blazer... But I have a feeling that H&M must be avoided at all costs on Saturdays...