Ok, Friday was the last time I had logged onto (where I spend the larger portion of my days looking for jobs). As of Friday evening, 3 employers had looked at my resume (the kicker is that it doesn't tell you who, hmph). So I log in just now to start my week of job searching and NINE employers have looked at it. NINE. That means sometime between 5pm on Friday and 10:30am on Monday NINE people have looked at it. And still I hear nothing. WTF is up with that?


On the up-side...I got a brief change of addy email from my friend M. I totally lost touch with him after his girlfriend graduated from McGill and he stopped coming to Montreal to visit her. The last I knew he was at law school here in Toronto. I really hope that he's working here. I totally (and platonically) love this guy to pieces. His girlfriend was wonderful too (she's so cute!). I really hope they are still together. I notice that she was cc'd on the email...

Off to job hunt.