I heard back from my friend M. He's still here just not at this second. This is his reading week. What the heck is up with that? The first day I was here I emailed Mina and told her I was in town and she was on HER reading week and her way to visit her girlfriend in the states (she's getting home today). So today I'm in contact with M and he's on HIS reading week and visiting his family in Vancouver and won't be back for a week.

M and K are still together and they are ENGAGED! YAY! They are getting married in July. :) I'm so happy for them. They really are the cutest couple. I have friends in town! yay! He won't be back in town for about a week. I hope to be able to meet up for drinks or dinner or something with them shortly after that. I'm looking forward to seeing K just as much as I am seeing M. (Have I mentioned she's adorable - she's adorable).