Cell Phones, Jackets and Ancient Egyptians

I had a long day and I'm tired. I've spent the last three days sitting on my ass on the couch being lazy and watching Oprah. I actually had to leave the apartment and like, do stuff, today. First I had to go to the library and drop off books. Then I had to go to my old office to get my 4%. Then I had lunch with the one that meows and her boy. :)

And then I made a full turn into yuppiedom and got a cell phone today. I didn't really have a heck of a lot of choice. My new roomies don't have a home phone, just their cells and I really, really didn't want to be bothered setting up another home phone. A cell phone just seems way easier. I just wish that their long distance wasn't so freaking expensive. I'll use phone cards but they are such a pain in the behind. meh. I was unable to get the number I wanted (5510 just like work, would have been one last homage to there, heehee!). But I think that the guy setting up my phone thought I was cute cause he spent about 20 minutes trying to get for me. And then he forgot to actually activate the darned thing. Apparently I'm too distracting. ;-) Or maybe it had something to do with the fifteen people who interrupted us. lol And it's just like Cat's cell phone cause you know, I want to be cool just like her.

So after I got my pretty new phone I went to Simon's and bought a coat. I really need a new spring coat and Simon's has the best coats in the whole wide world! I got a coat that is very cute and so very me. I love it! I could get all mushy and describe it but I'll save you all from it. Some of you might actually be lucky enough to see me in it. ;-)

Then after that and after I went to the bookstore to get more boxes for packing. Said a few goodbyes there. Cat, you may be surprised to know that a certain shipper actually didn't try to scam a hug out of me. lol After lugging boxes up to Mike and Flash's apartment I was TIRED. What is up with cardboard boxes being deceptively heavy? Then we hauled our butts over to the fine arts museum and went to the Eternal Egypt display.

Eternal Egypt was really, really well done. There were actual papyri from the Book of the Dead. It's positively amazing to think that these papyri have survived. And they paint has retained pretty much all of it's original colour. Some of the pigments seemed like they may have had mica in them - either that or ground sand - because they were kinda sparkly (ground sound because regular rounded stuff doesn't reflect the light the same way). In the gift shop afterward I had hoped to find a print of Osiris weighing the heart of Ani but they don't seem to make those. The bulk of the exhibit is stelae and busts/statues. There is an absolutely stunning wood statues in the first room - there are two that are similar, one with inlaid eyes (which I found slightly creepy) and one without. The one without is phenomenal. I think it was my favourite piece. There is a bit of jewelery but not a lot. What there is is quite pretty - some spacers (with kitties!), a pectorial, some rings...nice stuff.

So if you are in the Montreal area and you have any interest in ancient Egypt go to it before May 22.

And yeah, I know that this is long and could have been about 4 posts but I'm lazy and tired and so it my computer. It would much prefer to only publish one thing, thank you very much.