It's been a week...

One week ago today I was sitting in my old living room in Montreal looking around at how empty it was cause the movers had taken everything away. I can't believe it's actually been a week. Weird! In some ways it feels like a lot longer though...sigh. Life is weird.

I watched the West Wing last night. :) I haven't seen an episode when I actually aired since the season premiere. I used to live in no cable land. Which was fine with me. I was able to see everything I really wanted to see on CTV and CBC - Corner Gas, Degrassi, Rick Mercer's Monday Night Report and the West Wing (occassionally Alias...). Back in the fall CTV showed the season premiere of the West Wing and then didn't show another episode. It made me very cranky. Luckily at the time I was taking a Technical Writing course and my instructor was already taping the shows for a coworker and used to pass them along to me. So I was able to see about another 6 episodes. So between that and Television Without Pity I managed to survive. There was a truly classic moment last night in which Donna told off someone in a chicken suit. giggle.

I can't decide what to do today. I keep thinking that I should walk to the pharmacy (nothing we need is that urgent that it can't wait until tomorrow...), but I have these blisters that I got from walking yesterday. I'm scared it will hurt. I'm a wimp. Then I think that I should really finish organizing my room. I don't have that much left to do. I really ought to do that. But I'm so sick of dealing with boxes. I also need to get my access pass for the building. Everytime I went yesterday the office was closed. I could do a load of comforter is covered in cat hair. So you see there are many things I could do today but none of them sound very fun. meh.